Relentless Studios and Amazon Games have released Crucible, an online team-based shooter, on Steam. Crucible is the first game published by Amazon Games.

Crucible is similar to other team shooters such as Apex Legends and Overwatch, although Crucible is third-person like Fortnite. Players can choose between 10 different hunters, each of who has their own unique abilities and playstyle. Each hunter starts a match with all their abilities, but can level up by collecting essence pickups to gain more power, health, and upgrades.

Three different modes change how the game is played. In Heart of the Hive, two teams of four players each battle over gigantic monster-spawning hives. First team to three captures wins.

Harvester Command is another control point mode, but between eight-player teams. Teams will strive to maintain control of as many essence harvesters as they can to generate more points than the opposing team. First team to 100 points wins.

Alpha Hunters is more like a Battle Royale game, with eight teams of two players each. Each player only has one life, though if your teammate dies you can temporarily ally with another team-less player, at least until there are only three players left. Last player/team standing wins!

Like most Battle Royale games, Crucible is free to play and supported with purchased, seasonal Battle Passes that unlock different rewards such as hunter skins, voice lines, and emotes. The final reward will always be a legendary hunter skin. Crucible is currently launching with a pre-season battle-pass (950 credits), which includes weekly and seasonal challenges. The pre-season lasts until July 13.

As a special bonus, if you log in to Crucible you will be given a one-time gift of 1,000 credits, which you could then use to purchase the battle pass.

Crucible is available for free on PC (Steam). It’s rated T for Teen for Mild Language and Violence.

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