Mobile spin-off Pokémon Masters launched six months ago. Apparently that’s cause for celebration in the form of a major update, adding new story events, chapters, pokémon evolutions, and thousands of free gems.

The biggest addition to Pokémon Masters is the OG trainer himself, Red. Red joins the game as a Sync Pair with Charizard. Charizard can transform in Mega Charizard X after unleashing a sync move. Red & Charizard have been permanently added to the game, but players have a higher chance of obtaining them during the Poké Fair Scout + Present event, which is running now through March 15.

The update also adds new story chapters and events. Chapters 22-24 have been added, and will reward the sync pair of Valerie + Sylveon upon completion. The new story event is Shining Star, focusing on Elesa from the Unova region. Once completing chapter one of the main story, players can jump into Shining Star to battle AI opponents across a series of maps. The Shining Star event is available until March 15.

To entice returning veterans and newcomers, anyone who logs into Pokémon Masters between now and March 15 will receive a one-time gift of 3,000 gems, as well as earning additional gems for logging in before that. Players will also receive the sync pair of Professor Oak & Mew by completing the tutorial before March 15.

Pokémon Masters is free-to-download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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