LEGO and Gameloft have released LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed for Mobile (iOS, Android) and PC (Microsoft Store). It’s free-to-download with in-app purchases.

LEGO Legacy is the first turn-based RPG set within the LEGO universe. Players begin in the ruins of Piptown and must assemble a team of heroes from the vast collection of LEGO minifigs, such as the wizard Majisto, Basil the Batlord, and Chicken Suit Guy.

Each minifig character has their own abilities and skills, and players can form multiple teams to tackle turn-based challenges. Players can also collect and unlock real-world LEGO sets, which feature original box art and the chance to build them digitally following their actual instructions.

“LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed builds on the warm nostalgia of LEGO play that people experienced in their youth and couples this with the excitement of bringing these minifigures into a proper RPG experience,” said Thomas Aurick, VP of Creation, Gameloft. “We wanted to celebrate the multiple generations of LEGO minifigures and highlight a variety of characters from past to present. We are proud to bring new life and spark to some of these characters that have never been in a game before.”

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence, Alcohol, and Mild Language.

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