Capcom has released the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection for PC (Steam) PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, for $29.99. The collection includes all six games in the Mega Man Zero spin-off series and is available in both physical and digital formats for consoles (digital only for PC).

The collection includes:

  • Mega Man Zero
  • Mega Man Zero 2
  • Mega Man Zero 3
  • Mega Man Zero 4
  • Mega Man Zero ZX
  • Mega Man Zero ZX Advent

Each game has been received several modern improvements and updates, including a new Casual mode to reduce the series notorious difficulty, and a Save-Assist to create custom save points in the middle of missions. Graphical options include HD-smoothing filters or original sprites, as well as screen layouts that replicate the dual-screen controls of the original games.

On the other end is the new Z Chaser mode, designed for hardcore veterans. Z Chaser is a time attack mode that pulls stages from each game in the collection. Players can beat their own times as well as race against others in head-to-head multiplayer and a global leaderboard.

The collection also includes 650 pieces of original art and an in-game music player.

The Mega Man Zero series originally began in 2002 as a handheld spin-off for the Game Boy Advance, starring Zero, and set hundreds of years after Mega Man X. The successful series spawned three sequels on the Game Boy Advance and two sequels for the Nintendo DS, with ZX Advent launching in 2007.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is rated T for Teen for Fantasy Violence and Mild Blood.

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