As teased earlier this week, Epic Games have added an official tie-in event with Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame. The Fortnite Avengers Event officially kicks off today.

The event adds a new game mode approrpriately titled Endgame. In Endgame players will be split between two teams, Thanos and the Avengers. The Thanos team will play alien warriors searching for the Infinity Stones. The first player to find a stone will transform into Thanos himself, gaining new abilities. Each time a stone is found, the Thanos player will become even stronger, and his whole team gains health. If the Thanos player is eliminated, another will take his place.

The Avengers are not left in the cold, however. Avengers players will be able to find and use famous gear like Thor’s new axe Stormbreaker and Captain America’s iconic shield. Upon spawning they’ll get a map to their first Avengers weapon gear.

Both teams respawn when eliminated until either side meets their objective.

New challenges will be available throughout the event. Rewards for completing these challenges include Sprays, Banner, and the Avengers Quinjet as a new Glider.

Two Marvel skins and gear bundles will be available to purchase in the store throughout the event. The first is Black Widow which includes the Black Widow Outfit, Pack, Pickaxe, and Pirouette Emote. The second Marvel bundle will be available early next week.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games Store), and Mobile. It’s rated T for Teen.

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