Co-op With Crops in Farm Together, Coming this Friday on Switch

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After nearly a year-long stint on Steam Early Access, indie co-op farming sim Farm Together is coming to Nintendo Switch this Friday, Feb. 1. It’s also available on PC and Xbox One.

Starting from a small plot of land, players take on the role of new farmers. You can grow crops, raise animals, unlock and purchase new buildings and items, decorate your house, and customize your farmer and your tractor. You can also choose between a pet dog or cat and customize them. If you tire of the farm life you can spend time in your house painting, cooking, or making music.

Time advances in Farm Together whether you’re playing or not. Crops will grow and plants will need to be watered. You always have something waiting to be done when you jump in. This makes the game feel a bit more like a mobile farming sim than a Stardew Valley.

Farm Together is designed as a stress-free farming experience, with little to no external threats and few challenges.

Farm Together is a one-time purchase ($19.99) without microtransactions, but it does include optional DLC packs that provide themed bundles of decorations and costumes.

As evidenced by the title, Farm Together’s signature feature is online multiplayer. You can play with random strangers or friends. Up to 16 people can be on a single farm together. You can also limit who can visit your farm and what they are allowed to do via the permission system.

Farm Together is currently available on PC and Xbox One. It’s out on Switch on Feb. 1. It has not been rated by the ESRB, but looks like an young kid-friendly E for Everyone.

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