While we feverishly await the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date next week on January 29, Square Enix has released yet another video. The Gameplay Overview Video provides a deeper look into several new elements, including Keyblade transformations, summons, and the Gummi Ship.

For the first time in the action-RPG series, Sora’s famous keyblade weapon can transform. The new forms are all based on the different Disney worlds and characters that you’ll meet on your journey, such as the Mirage Staff for Tangled. Each form has its own special attacks and abilities. The keyblade can be transformed in the midst of combat to create unique combos and playstyles.

In addition to Keyblade attacks and transformations, Sora can employ elemental magic, attractions, summons, and team-up attacks to defeat enemies. Attractions are special moves derided from classic Disney parks, while Summons allow Sora to conjure up Disney allies for a huge attack. Team-up attacks allow for Sora and friends to combine their might. Sora can do these either with his standard allies of Goofy and Donald, or when traveling with area-specific allies like Captain Jack Sparrow and Baymax.

The Gummi Ship also returns, and players can customize their ship with different parts to emphasize different styles, like speed or attack power.

The Gameplay Overview Video also reveals several mini-games that Sora can play, such as cooking with Remy from Ratatouille or playing 1980s LCD-style mini-games featuring classic black and white mickey mouse art style.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is launching on Jan. 29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s rated E10+ for Alcohol Reference and Fantasy Violence.

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