Hearthstone Expansion Kobolds & Catacombs Coming December 7

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The third and final 2017 expansion for Hearthstone, Kobolds & Catacombs, has been given a release date: December 7 (December 8 in Europe). Hearthstone is still free-to-play, but you can pre-order Kobolds & Catacombs for $49.99, which nets you 50 card packs and the For the Hoard card back.

Kobolds & Catacombs is an homage to Dungeons & Dragons, featuring an underground world of traps and treasures. New single player Dungeon Runs mode contains 48 possible encounters. Each run your deck grows in power as you battle your way through eight progressively challenging battles. Completing three specific Dungeon Run quests will reward free Kobolds & Catacombs card packs.

The expansion adds 135 new cards, which you can peruse here. Two new card types and one new keyword mechanic are being added. Spell Stones are like mini-quests, completing them enables the card’s benefit. Unidentified Cards grant an extra bonus when you draw them from you deck. The new Recruit keyword lets you summon minions directly from your deck.

Logging in after the expansions’ release will reward a free card pack, as well as a random Legendary Weapon card.

Hearthstone originally launched in 2014 as a digital collectible card game spin-off within the Warcraft universe. It’s free-to-play, available on PC and mobile devices, and rated T for Teen.


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