Pokémon GO continues to be a popular activity around the world. New companion apps crop up daily, helping find elusive pokémon or break down stats. The PokeTrainer app provides social networking for all Pokémon GO players to meet up, share results, and possibly make new friends or even romances. And it’s free.

“Whether you’re a college student or a busy parent, with the PokeTrainer companion app, you’ll never have to [play Pokémon GO] alone again,” said app creator Jeffery Shafer. “No matter how infrequent or often you play Pokémon GO, there will always be a trainer for your skill level and interest.”

The app has two primary features. By entering in your location you can find nearby players and add friends. In large Pokémon GO hotspots, players can use the Group Chat feature to meet up or discuss rare finds.

PokeTrainer relies on its second feature – PokeHealth, to match players of similar skill and activity level. The Health feature tracks miles, calories, and time played. PokeTrainer uses this information to match Pokémon GO players together, whether casual strollers or hardcore searchers. PokeTrainer uses the popular Swipe Right method to find people you want to meet up with.

The idea for the social app sprung from Shafer pairing up with friends over Pokémon GO. They created a Facebook business page for a social companion app. The page reached over 1,000 likes in three days. Shafer’s goal was to create a safe, friendly app for players. “Safely vetting other players is important for the continued success of Pokémon GO and future AR games. I want to help make this new way of gaming social, safe and sound.”

Right now the app is only available on iOS. Use this link to download it on iTunes, or search “PokeTrainer chat,” not to be confused with the other free “PokéTrainer” app.

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