According to Pokéshopper, Evee will become the second pokémon to be ready for construction at Build-A-Bear shops later this year. Evees are already available in Northern Ireland, and will be popping up in other regions in September.

buildabeareeveePokéshopper also has an image of the plushie, which you can see on the right. Evee isn’t the first pokémon to be available in the stores. Pikachu was released late last year with some accessories, which included a duo of hoodies that make him look like other pokémon. You were also able to skip the store experience and buy the whole package online. Though, if you have kids that experience can be pretty awesome. My daughter and I recently built a Dory, which was my husband’s father’s day present from her. (Yes, she insisted on giving him a stuffed Dory and even tells him periodically to snuggle with it.)

Build-A-Bear hasn’t officially announced the plush or the release date, but it would likely be released soon so everyone can get theirs before the holiday season kicks into gear.

UPDATE: Multiple sites are reporting that the Evee will launch in stores and online on September 1.

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