If you’re a member of Xbox Live Gold, you can get Microsoft’s Black Friday deals starting today. And you’ll be paying less than everyone else. Early access to the store exclusively for Gold members will end on Nov. 23, when the public sale begins.

The sale is offering some pretty big discounts on some pretty big games. If you’ve got an Xbox One, you can get Evolve for $16, Dark Souls 2 for $20 and Mortal Kombat X for $29.99. Other games on sale include Grand Theft Auto V for $35.99, the Telltale Games Collection for $36.30, Madden NFL 16 for $35.99, NBA 2K16 for $47.99, and the Skylander’s Superchargers Portal Owner’s pack for $29.99.

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you can get a bunch of games really cheap. The bonus is that a bunch of them will play on the Xbox One as part of the backwards compatibility program. Some of the big discounts include Borderlands for $5, Mass Effect for $4, Assassin’s Creed 2 for $5, Assassin’s Creed 3 for $6.60, Batman Arkham City for $5, BioShock for $5, Halo 4 for $6, Fallout: New Vegas for $7.50, Portal 2 for $6.60, Titanfall for $5, and Red Dead Redemption for $10.50.

If PC is your platform of choice, you can get a bunch of Windows games for $0.10. Angry Birds Star Wars, Bejeweled Live, and Hitman: Go are all part of that sale. You can also get some movies and television series at a discount. Some of those include Jurassic Park World for $14.99 and Heroes Reborn for $24.99.



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