nintendo switch family showdown

Win a Trip to LA in the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown Contest

In what feels like a blast from the game show-laden 1990s and early 2000s, Nintendo and Disney are partnering for the Nintendo Switch Family Showdown Contest. The contest is open...Read More

captain toad

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Explores Switch and 3DS

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was one of the many jewels on the Wii U. Now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch and 3DS on July 13 with new content inspired by...Read More

jurassic world evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Review

Available On: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Fifteen years ago I fell in love with Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It was the original dinosaur park sim that let me prove that...Read More

ark: extinction

Battle the Titans Left on Earth in ARK: Extinction Expansion

Studio Wildcard has released the first trailer for the upcoming expansion to ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s called ARK: Extinction, and it takes place on an apocalyptic Earth. ARK: Extinction is...Read More

gaming disorder

World Health Organization Classifies Gaming Disorder

As first reported last December, the World Health Organization has officially added “Gaming Disorder” to the 11th Revision of the International Classifications of Diseases. Gaming Disorder is defined as the...Read More

pokémon go

Pokémon GO Finally Adding Trading this Week

The basic Pokémon tenet of trading Pokémon has been noticeably absent from Pokémon GO. Now, nearly two years after launch, Niantic Inc has finally announced that trading, gifting, and an...Read More

LEGO the incredibles

Adventure Through Both Films in LEGO The Incredibles, Out Now

The very long-awaited The Incredibles 2 sequel is in theaters today. Also launching today is video game LEGO The Incredibles by TT Games, Disney and Pixar, The LEGO Group, and...Read More

Gears 5

E3 2018 Was All About the Leading Ladies

Four years ago at E3 2014, Ubisoft blundered into a PR nightmare by weakly defending why both Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 lacked playable women characters in their...Read More

skylanders ring of heroes

Download the Open Beta for Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders lives! Sort of. While we still haven’t heard any news about a new console release, a mobile Skylanders RPG is currently in development. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is coming...Read More

jurassic world evolution

Avoid Running and Screaming in Jurassic World Evolution, Out Now

Frontier Developments, in partnership with Universal, have released Jurassic World Evolution for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the new launch trailer above. Jurassic World Evolution is a park...Read More

e3 2018

Pixelkin’s E3 2018 Complete Coverage

Electronic Arts EA Play 2018: Command & Conquer: Rivals is an RTS Mobile Game How the mighty have fallen. Command & Conquer, once one of the biggest names in PC...Read More

nintendo direct e3 2018

Nintendo Direct E3 2018: All the News and Trailers

As always, Nintendo eschewed a live press conference in favor of their pre-recorded Nintendo Direct videos. Obviously the Nintendo Switch remains the primary focus. As expected, Super Smash Bros. was...Read More

death stranding

PlayStation E3 2018: Death Stranding Is Still Super Weird

Hideo Kojima’s post-Konami, post-Metal Gear Solid project Death Stranding remains as enigmatic as ever, despite seeing a bit of gameplay during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference. This new fourth...Read More

kingdom hearts iii

PlayStation E3 2018: The Pirates of the Caribbean Join Kingdom Hearts III

We went years without so much as a peep about Kingdom Hearts III. Now that the release date is in sight (January 29), Square Enix is unleashing a barrage of...Read More