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Just The Two of Us

A Mom and Daughter Who Love Gaming


Brianna Code, Lead Programmer of Child of Light, on Making Games That Everyone Can Enjoy

Students classroom games survey

Are Games the New Sesame Street? The Survey Says….

Remember Sesame Street—just about the most successful media-based learning offering ever created? (And an extremely entertaining cultural phenom?) The show was created in 1966 by Joan Ganz Cooney and her team. Cooney later...Read More
the counting kingdom

[Review] The Counting Kingdom: Math Isn’t Scary After All

The first words out of my mouth when I opened The Counting Kingdom were, “Oh no, it’s so cute.” The Counting Kingdom is a math-and-magic game from Little Worlds Interactive....Read More

1.5 Million is too many: Game Design Challenge Aims To Educate Teens About Dating Violence

Jennifer Ann’s Group is an organization that aims to prevent teen dating violence. The group was formed in memory of Jennifer Ann Crescente, who was murdered by a classmate in 2006....Read More
Kim Kardashian screenshot

If your Tween Loves Fashion, Celebrities, and Beauty…They Still Shouldn’t Play Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a free app available for OS and Android, and it kind of seems like everybody is playing it. It’s pretty much what it sounds like—you’re vying...Read More
Eets Munchies

Review: Eets Munchies, And Why Fail Is The New Win

Eets Munchies makes me feel like a designer. The game, by Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja), stars a strange creature called Eets, which has no arms and is...Read More
mom and daughter video

“It’s just the two of us”: A Mom and Daughter Who Love Video Gaming Together

Last week, KayLee Jaech and Natalie Jaech, a mom and daughter who love playing video games together, sat down to tell us about their video gaming ways. KayLee started gaming as...Read More
kingdoms of amalur: reckoning

“My son and I play some games together, but once he goes to bed the gloves come off”

We’re thrilled to welcome writer/gamer/mom Nicole Nymh as a regular contributor to Pixelkin. She’s going to be sending us tales from her gaming life twice a month. Don’t forget to tune...Read More
Child of Light

Interview: Brianna Code on Child of Light and Making Games That Everyone Can Enjoy

Brianna Code is the Lead Programmer for one of my new favorite games—Child of Light. I’ve written about it before, and highly encourage you to check it out. I reached out...Read More
World Cup Drei

14 Games From World Cup Countries to Keep You Busy When It’s All Over

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is almost over—and sadly, many dreams have been crushed over the course of the knockout round. We’re gonna miss the World Cup when it’s gone. Now, we...Read More
Monument Valley

Not A Gamer? These 7 Games Might Change Your Mind.

It’s okay to not be a gamer. A lot of my favorite people are non-gamers. There are, after all, millions of equally valid hobbies, and it can be hard to find the time or money...Read More
hearthstone players

No Girls Allowed: Gender Exclusivity in Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming, also called esports, has become incredibly popular in recent years. There are more competitions than ever before, some with prizes in the tens of millions, and there are...Read More
railroad tycoons

Railroad Tycoon: Learning Economics Through Games

While I was working at the Pixelkin booth at the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, I chatted a bit about the earliest games I played growing up. One game I played...Read More
(Source: Digital Trends)

5 Things Your Kids Are Actually Doing With Their Screentime

Scenario: your kids are looking at screens, like, 24-7. You don’t think they’ve looked you in the eye in weeks. In fact, you’re starting to wonder whether they even remember what...Read More
Simone de Rochefort E3

[VIDEO] 3 Games That Made My Day. Pixelkin’s Trip to E3, Part 2

Did you see part one of my trip to E3? I had a great time, and in this video I talk more about the games I played and my impressions from the...Read More
Hack n Slash

Hack ‘N’ Slash Early Access Review: A Girl-Centric Coding Adventure With a Long Way to Go

Hack ‘N’ Slash is currently available on Steam as an Early Access game. This means that the game is unfinished and that community feedback will have an impact on the final product....Read More
Lisa headphones age 9

5 Ways Parents Can Connect with Tweens Through Video Games

When my kids were tweens (9 to 12 or so), I noticed they didn’t like me quite so much anymore. Or at least they didn’t want to be by my...Read More
screentime header

Growing up Mobile: 4 Ways to Manage Screentime With Small Kids

We are a tech family. My husband owns his own IT company and I’m a writer, photographer, and blogger, so we are always on top of the newest trends in...Read More
Loyal and Geiger

Brothers and Sisters: An Interview With the Wai Siblings

I sat down with Jonathan and Sarah Wai, gamer siblings, over tea the other day. Here’s what they had to say about gaming as a family. Keezy: What were your first video...Read More
iota concept art

Cute of the Day: Tearaway Concept Art

The team behind Tearaway just posted a new piece of the game’s concept art —the main character sleeping in a tent under a cloudy sky. Tearaway came out back in November,...Read More
Simone screenshot

[VIDEO] What's Coming Up This Year? Pixelkin's Trip to E3

Three weeks ago I went to the Electronic Entertainment Expo to represent Pixelkin and get the details on all the upcoming games for 2014 and 2015. While I was there...Read More

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Family Gaming top picksOur Favorite New Releases

 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 is a family-friendly racing game for the Wii U starring characters from the Super Mario universe.

 Transistor Transistor follows a mute woman named Red and her talking sword—the Transistor—as they fight the robots that have taken over their city. This action role-playing game is available for the PC and PlayStation 4.

 Child of Light Child of Light is a gorgeous fairy tale RPG sidescroller starring a young princess trying to save a mysterious kingdom from impending darkness. It’s available on many platforms.

 Monument Valley Monument Valley is an introspective puzzle app in which the player guides a princess through a series of beautiful, ghostly buildings that she navigates by solving geometric puzzles. You can get it for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

 PvZ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a whimsical third-person shooter featuring cartoon plants and zombies. This E10+ game (appropriate for everyone 10 and over) is available on multiple platforms.

 Broken Age Icon square Broken Age tells the parallel stories of two teens: a boy trapped on a protective spaceship and a girl who must save her village from the monster Mog Chothra.

 Octodad Image Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a funny stealth game in which you play as a loving, cephalopodan father who must hide his true species from his family. It’s rated E10+ and is available on the PC, the Mac, and the PlayStation network.

 tearaway Tearaway is a platformer starring a paper messenger named Iota. With the player’s help, Iota travels across a dangerous landscape to deliver his message and purge the world of the mischievous Scraps. Rated E for Everyone, it’s available on the PlayStation Vita.

 Just Dance icon square Just Dance 2014 (rated E10+) is a rhythm motion game featuring popular top hits and colorful graphics. It’s available on platforms that have motion sensors: PlayStation 3 and 4, Wii and Wii U, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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