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Splatoon Let's play

Let’s Play Monday: Splatoon Let’s Play Single-Player, Part 3

Courtney and Simone are back with the third installment of their Splatoon Let’s Play. So far they’ve been doing pretty great, finishing a whole section of the game in each...Read More
games done quick speedrunning

Charity Record Set for Summer Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick runs a summer event called, aptly, Summer Games Done Quick. It ended just this morning, breaking its own record after raising over $1.2 million for Doctors Without Borders.Read More
Artist: Roy Lichtenstein

C-Art is a Virtual Art Museum

C-Art means to teach players about contemporary art movements by guiding them through a virtual museum, rendered in Unity 3D. It’s not exactly a learning game so much as it is...Read More
angry birds 2

[Review] Angry Birds 2

Platforms: iOS and Android Devices We played on iOS (IPad) Angry Birds 2 is the first official sequel to the pop-culture phenomenon. It’s already been downloaded millions of times. Much...Read More
nok syllables

Nok Syllables Suffers From Monotony

Nok Syllables is a cute new reading app that teaches kids reading by breaking down words into syllables. The game features two little green aliens in a factory. They take green...Read More
king's quest

[Review] King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, We played on: PS4 Yesterday I played King’s Quest episode 1, named A Knight to Remember, the first part of an adventure game about Graham...Read More
Playstation 4 update

PlayStation’s Vote To Play Promo Will Let You Vote on Free Games

Pretty soon PlayStation Plus members will get to vote on which games they want for free on PlayStation 4, John Keller announced in a blog update.Read More
Tearaway Unfolded Companion App

First Look At Tearaway Unfolded’s Companion App

Tearaway Unfolded’s Companion App has a new trailer, that tells us more about how the app will be used in the game. The Companion App is accessible through the PlayStation...Read More
plants vs. zombies pinball

Plants Vs. Zombies Pinball Is Now on Xbox One

Yesterday Zen Studios and PopCap Games announced that their Plants Vs. Zombies pinball collaboration is now available on Xbox One. Folks who already own the Plants Vs. Zombies pinball table...Read More
xbox windows 10 streaming

How To Stream Games from Your Xbox One to a Windows 10 Computer

Now that the powers that be at Microsoft have plopped your very own copy of Windows 10 onto your computer, you can perform the miracle that is Xbox Windows 10...Read More
hue video game curve digital indie game

Hue: A Game About Color

The Hue video game is a new game where players must shift colors to solve puzzles. Curve Digital has recently picked the game up after it became a hit in the Indie...Read More
nvidia recall tablet

Nvidia is Recalling Shield Tablets

If you own a Shield Tablet, you could have a fire hazard in your home. Nvidia is voluntarily recalling its Shield Tablets over concerns that the battery in the tablet might...Read More
Xbox One Elite Controller

There Are 100,000 Achievements for Xbox Live

Since the launch of the Xbox 360 in 2005, Achievements have been an iconic part of Xbox culture. Now we’ve officially surpassed 100,000 Achievements available across Microsoft platforms. This includes...Read More
This Week In Family Gaming News

This Week In Family Gaming – July 31, 2015

Hey Pixelkiners, it’s been a dramatic week. Nintendo has announced the end of Nintendo TVii, their television streaming service for the Wii U. This isn’t a huge surprise–it wasn’t that...Read More
Mario stacks of coins

Nintendo Loot Crate Is On Its Way!

MCV reported that Nintendo is going to start offering an “N-Box,” its version of a monthly subscription-based loot crate. It will include lots of Nintendo-branded goodies, including toys and clothes...Read More

The Top 5

Our Favorite Recent Releases

 Alphabear Alphabear is an adorable spelling game in which you match letters and collect bears.

 Divide By Sheep Divide By Sheep is a darkly comedic game that makes math fun (and gory).

 Sleep Furiously Sleep Furiously is a silly mobile game that helps its players learn grammar.

 Splatoon Splatoon has players shooting ink in order to battle for turf and defeat the evil Octarians.
 Broken Age Broken Age is a fantasy point-and-click puzzle game in which two teens fight for freedom and survival.