Halo Wars 2 Horizontal Key Art

Halo Wars 2 Review: Spartan Blitz

Available On: Xbox One, Windows 10 PC It’s been seven years since the original Halo Wars helped prove that not only can you make a non-first person shooter Halo game, you...Read More
Fire Emblem Heroes banner

Earn Oodles of Orbs This Week in Fire Emblem Heroes

For a free-to-play title, Fire Emblem Heroes has been very generous with its orbs. Orbs are used to randomly summon new heroes and are the primary piece of loot to...Read More

Indie Game Sundered Ends Kickstarter Campaign At 808% Funded

The Kickstarter campaign for indie title Sundered has recently closed with an impressive $202, 102 CAD raised. With the initial goal of only $25,000 CAD, that’s a total of 808% over...Read More
Year of the Mammoth

Hearthstone Introduces Year of the Mammoth For 2017

In a lengthy blog post Blizzard Entertainment introduced their plans for their popular digital card game Hearthstone in 2017. This year marks the end of last year’s Year of the...Read More
PAX Australia 2017

PAX Australia 2017 Tickets Will Go On Sale in March

The Penny Arcade Expo is returning to Australia for the fifth year in a row. PAX Australia will take place from October 27-29, 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre....Read More
Zelda Expansion Pass

Nintendo Announces DLC Plans and Season Pass for Zelda

As a Nintendo Switch launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is poised to be one of the biggest video game releases of the year. Nintendo has...Read More
pokémon go

Pokémon GO Finally Adds Over 80 New Pokémon From Gen 2

Ever since its launch last Summer Pokémon GO fans have been clamoring for Niantic Inc to expand the roster. In December a handful of select Pokémon from Generation 2 (Pokémon Gold...Read More
crusader kings ii

Crusader Kings II Celebrates Five Years and Looks to the Future

Five years ago, Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive launched Crusader Kings II on computer platforms. Unlike plenty of other gamesRead More
Freedom bundle

Grab Over 40 Indie Games for $30 in the Humble Freedom Bundle

Humble Bundle is long known for compiling video games into largely discounted packs while also allowing consumers to donate portions of the money to selected charities. Over the years Humble Bundle...Read More
holy potatoes! we're in space

Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?! Review: FTL-Lite with Veggies

Available On: PC, Mac FTL: Faster Than Light’s successful foray into rogue-like space exploration serves as an excellent model for Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! Don’t let the adorable vegetable characters...Read More
Skylanders: Imaginators

Uh-Oh: Activision Says No Skylanders Console Game This Year

During Activision Blizzard’s fourth quarter 2016 earnings call the company confirmed that there will be no new console Skylanders game coming in 2017. This would be the first year since...Read More

Valve Shutters Steam Greenlight, Introduces Steam Direct

Steam has long been the primary arbiter of PC gaming. With global reach and a user base in the millions, any big changes that Valve makes to its digital service...Read More
Into the Breach

Into The Breach Is a Tactical Game From the Developers of FTL

You may not have heard of Subset Games but you should know about FTL. FTL was a rogue-like space ship simulator that initially launched in 2012 to a wave of...Read More
LEGO DImensions

New Packs Let You Play The Lego Batman Movie in Lego Dimensions

Three new expansion packs are now available for LEGO Dimensions, including tie-ins to the recently released film The LEGO Batman Movie. The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack lets you replay...Read More

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