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Teaching With Portals?
You Bet.

Josh Weier Explains How Portal Can Help Kids Learn

Is Sims the New Foreign-Language Textbook?

5 Reasons Why You Don't Like Video Games

Families Come Out for the Vintage Computer Faire

[Review] Destiny


[Review] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (henceforth referred to only as Naruto Shippuden: UNSR) is a pleasant surprise of a fighting game. Based on the ridiculously popular Naruto manga and anime,...Read More
Dungeons and Dragons

[Video] Teens On the Autism Spectrum Can Find a Safe Space In Dungeons and Dragons

Can Dungeons and Dragons help build social skills? We sat down with Adam Johns, one of the founders of Wheelhouse Workshop, to talk about tabletop roleplaying games and what we can learn...Read More
Cannon Brawl

[Review] Cannon Brawl

Cannon Brawl, by Turtle Sandbox Games, is incredibly fun. It’s a family-friendly real-time 2D strategy game with a fast pace, a smart design, and a good sense of humor. It took me...Read More
screentime header

Industry Insights: How Screen Time Helped Me in School

This article is part of our ongoing Industry Insights series where parents who work in the video game industry share their personal stories. This entry comes to us from Mike...Read More
Source: Wall Street Journal Online

20 Games Your Kids Will Want This Holiday Season

Shopping for the holidays is always stressful, and when you don’t know much about what you’re shopping for, it can be even worse. We know walking into a video game...Read More
Source:  cr103 /

Is The Sims the New Foreign-Language Textbook?

When I first began learning to play World of Warcraft, I felt like I was learning a foreign language. I was too shy to speak over a headset and instead...Read More
Joshua Weier Valve Portal 2

[VIDEO] Teaching With Portals? You Bet. Josh Weier Explains How Portal Can Help Kids Learn.

Do you know how to think with Portals? Valve, the makers of Portal and Portal 2, launched a program to bring Portal into classrooms. It’s called Teach With Portals, and it...Read More
photo credit: Steven Andrew Photography via photopin cc

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Like Video Games

This one is for you non-gamers in the audience, all you readers who came to learn about gaming for the sake of someone else, but who don’t consider video games to be your thing. Reader,...Read More
destiny 1

[Review] Destiny

Destiny, a T-rated online shooter with a science-fiction theme, is probably best described as a cross between Halo and Borderlands.  The most interesting thing about it might be how seemingly...Read More
kids gaming

We Aren’t Losing a Generation of Boys to Games

“How We Lost a Generation of Boys to Video Games.” That’s the title of a recent article in The Week, and it’s a familiar sentiment; kids nowadays, eh? They’re pretty...Read More
Minecraft city

Microsoft Is Buying Minecraft

There’s been very little “will they-won’t they” talk surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, the company responsible for Minecraft. Six days ago it was rumored that Microsoft was looking into buying...Read More

[Review] Dance Central Spotlight

One of the biggest concerns voiced about video games is that they’re making kids fat. Critics of games bemoan the hours spent sitting on a couch in front of the...Read More
Source: Big Fish

[Review] Gummy Drop! Adds Its Squishiness to the Match-3 Mix

I’m 59-year-old woman and, like most middle-aged women, I’m a gamer. That’s right. More than 60% of women between 45 and 64 play video games. They may not play Assassin’s Creed...Read More
Vintage Computer Faire

[Video] Families Come Out for the Vintage Computer Faire

The Living Computer Museum in downtown Seattle held its first annual Vintage Computer Faire on August 9th. Families were invited to get hands-on with a 3D printer, make jewelry, play...Read More

My Toddler Is a Zoo Tycoon

Like most young children, my daughter is fascinated with animals. Cute and cuddly, smooth and slimy, dark and creepy—you name it. She loves them all. We spend hours looking at...Read More
Grail to the Thief artwork

New Release: Grail to The Thief

Grail to the Thief, a choose-your-own adventure game suitable for visually impaired players, is now officially available for download! It was created by game company For All To Play and successfully...Read More
Nintendo Consoles

A Parent’s Easy Guide to the Nintendo Consoles [printable chart]

Nintendo has released some pretty awesome games over the last 125 years (yes, it’s really that old). In the 1980’s, after the fall of Atari, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was largely...Read More
Father and Son gaming

The Dangers of “I Don’t Know”

This article originally appeared on, a website dedicated to providing families with the information they need to make informed gaming decisions. We’re happy to be crossposting articles from Engaged...Read More
The Sims 4

[Review] The Sims 4

I absently rubbed the ache in my shoulder while my mouse hand continued to zip around the table, clicking incessantly. I had been playing The Sims 4 for six hours. For...Read More
angry mom

Parents Who Hate On Technology in the Classroom Are Wrong

Not long ago I spoke to a really angry mom at a business networking event. Somehow we got onto the topic of educational games, and this mom launched into a...Read More

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Family Gaming top picksOur Favorite New Releases

 Dance Central Spotlight Dance Central Spotlight is a fun and inexpensive way to get more exercise into your game time.
 The Sims 4 The Sims 4 is a simulation game that lets you guide virtual people through life, love, and dream careers.

 Valiant Hearts Valiant Hearts is a puzzle game that takes an intimate approach to learning history; a group of friends and their dog must find a way to survive the Great War.

 Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 is a family-friendly racing game for the Wii U starring characters from the Super Mario universe.

 Transistor Transistor follows a mute woman named Red and her talking sword—the Transistor—as they fight the robots that have taken over their city. This action role-playing game is available for the PC and PlayStation 4.

 Monument Valley Monument Valley is an introspective puzzle app in which the player guides a princess through a series of beautiful, ghostly buildings that she navigates by solving geometric puzzles. You can get it for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

 PvZ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a whimsical third-person shooter featuring cartoon plants and zombies. This E10+ game (appropriate for everyone 10 and over) is available on multiple platforms.

 Broken Age Icon square Broken Age tells the parallel stories of two teens: a boy trapped on a protective spaceship and a girl who must save her village from the monster Mog Chothra. It’s available for Mac and PC.

 Octodad Image Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a funny stealth game in which you play as a loving, cephalopodan father who must hide his true species from his family. It’s rated E10+ and is available on the PC, Mac, and the PlayStation network.

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