Indie studio Aggro Crab has released Another Crab’s Treasure, a challenging soulslike action game, on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($29.99). Watch the fun new animated trailer above.

Described as the “crabbiest soulslike,” Another Crab’s Treasure stars Kril, a hermit crab who recently has his shell repossessed. Kril sets off an underwater adventure to reclaim his home, battling enemy creatures and using whatever he can find (including literal trash) to help protect himself.

As someone who has kept hermit crabs for twenty years, I can confirm that they do not survive long without a shell (or other protection for their tails, though I’ve never seen one wield a fork before!

Kril can equip over 60 different shells and other objects to defeat enemies and reach new areas, and wield special techniques from different sea creatures, such as the explosive Mantis Shrimp.

Soulslike” is an increasingly popular subgenre of action games based on FromSoftware’s popular series. They typically feature challenging, skill-focused combat, environmental storytelling, and limited save points.

Soulslike game are often mature and fantastical. Another Crab’s Treasure is rated a bit higher than its animated trailer would indicate: T for Teen, with Blood, Violence, Tobacco, Language, and Crude Humor.

It’s available now on Steam, PlayStation 5, Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

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