Celebrity actor and singer David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff has joined nonprofit organization PlanetPlay’s Make Green Tuesday Moves. The MGTM initiative includes several participating companies and games using the celebrity’s likeness for “green DLC,” with proceeds going to PlanetPlay’s sustainability projects.

In other words, players can fight climate change with gaming!

You can claim a free Hasselhoff badge by signing in to the PlanetPlay store. The badge also grants a 20%-off coupon for your next purchase.

Participating games this month include Cook & Merge, Peridot, Solitare, and Subway Surfers.

“As someone who has spent years entertaining audiences around the world, I know the power of influence. Climate change isn’t just a distant threat; it’s here and now. By joining the Make Green Tuesday Moves initiative, we can turn our everyday gaming into a force for good,” said David Hasselhoff. “Let’s make every play for our planet. Together, we can create a legacy of sustainability for future generations. Stay cool, stay green, and make a difference!”

Hasselhoff is MGTM’s first actor and celebrity to endorse and support the initiative. MGTM will feature a new endorsement each month.

“The Make Green Tuesday Moves initiative embodies the incredible potential of the games community to drive meaningful change,” said Rhea Loucas, CEO, PlanetPlay. “With David Hasselhoff as our first ‘Star of the Month,’ we want to inspire millions of players to join our mission to help keep global warming below the 1.5 degree threshold. I also want to welcome all our new studio partners, who are integrating sustainability into their game experiences to empower players to contribute to real-world environmental solutions. We are thrilled to have The Hoff on board and can’t wait to see the impact this collaboration will achieve.”

PlanetPlay is a nonprofit, eco-friendly digital marketplace that supports environmental issues through passive activism. By simply purchasing games on the platform (PC and mobile), players can make a positive impact.

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