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Nintendo Releases Official PAX Prime 2015 Lineup

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PAX Prime 2015 is in just a few days, and game publishers from around the world are getting ready to show off thousands of unreleased games to the public. We already knew that Nintendo indie games (“Nindies”) will have their own room at the Seattle Sheraton (across the street from the Washington State Convention Center). Today, we got more details about which specific games Nintendo will be featuring at both the Nindie lounge and at their primary booth. Read More


Rainmaker Comes to Splatoon

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Rainmaker, the newest kind of Ranked Battle, is coming to Splatoon tonight at 7 p.m. PST. The update is free to everyone who owns the game. Rainmaker will be kind of like football: Players race to collect the Rainmaker, a special gold weapon, and take it to the enemy’s base. If the player gets splatted by an enemy, they drop the Rainmaker and are resurrected back at their own team’s base. If neither team makes it to the enemy’s base, then the team that got the closest wins. Read More