Pokemon GO gameplay

Nintendo and Google Invest Big In Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO has some big, important backers: Nintendo, Google, and The Pokemon Company.

It’s good news for developer Niantic Labs, who is creating the location-based Pokemon app. Niantic previously made Ingress, an app that uses Google Maps data to create an augmented reality experience with your phone. Players logged into Ingress fight over control of portals that you can only see in the app, but are located in the real world.  Read More

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Release Date Leaves Out North America

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is a crossover between the Mario & Luigi franchise and the Paper Mario franchise. It was first announced at E3 2015, and was expected to have a 2016 release date. However, Nintendo has just announced that the game is coming out in early December 2015 in Japan, Europe, and Australia. Woo!

But wait—in North America, the release date is still listed as Spring 2016. What does this mean? Read More