Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced The Sims 4 will be arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on November 17.

“The addition of a console-version of The Sims 4 has been long-awaited by fans and newcomers alike, and we at Maxis are beyond excited to bring The Sims to new platforms,” said Lyndsay Pearson, Executive Producer at Maxis. “The game delivers a beautiful The Sims experience on console and comes packed with tons of the fan-favorite content, so players can look forward to the unique gameplay, self-expression, and fun that have come to be tent-poles of The Sims brand. The possibilities to play with life are as endless as the players’ creativity.”

The Sims has always launched first on PC, followed soon by a console version. The Sims 4 originally released in 2014 for Windows and 2015 for Mac. It was heavily criticized on release for stripping down and eliminating many features of past entries. It also released during a time of peak EA and Maxis hatred after their bungled launch and forced online approach of SimCity (2013).

To Maxis’ credit many of the missing elements, including swimming pools and toddlers, were added later in the form of free patches.

The Sims series is notorious for releasing dozens of expansion packs and DLC and The Sims 4 was no exception. Post-launch content included large Expansion Packs that added new areas (such as new cities and neighborhoods), Game Packs that added new gameplay content (vampires, children), and smaller Stuff packs that added some furniture and clothing.

The upcoming console versions are now available for pre-order in Standard and Deluxe Party Editions. The Deluxe Party Edition includes the Life of the Party, Awesome Animal Hats, and Up All Night DLC packs. If you pre-order the Deluxe Party Edition you can receive the game three days early on November 14. Pre-ordering either version nets you the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack.

The Sims 4 has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB. It includes Crude Humor, Sexual Themes, and Violence. It releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 17.


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