Indie multiplayer game Arrow Heads will be joining other promising indie games at the PAX Rising section of PAX West 2017. Arrow Heads is a light-hearted, cartoony arena brawler for 2-4 archers. It’s coming September 21 to PC, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2018.

“When we started developing Arrow Heads, our goal was to create a game that allowed its players to experience the classic fun and competitiveness of local multiplayer games,” said Benjamin Scott, Co-founder of developer OddBird. “We couldn’t be more excited that what began as a passion project will soon be available for everyone to play. We think people of all ages will really enjoy this silly but engaging game.”

In Arrow Heads each player plays an avian archer in an isometric, single-screen battlefield a la Bomberman. The battlefield is full of hazards and traps, and you’ll need to dodge enemy arrows and fire your bow by tracking your arrow’s trajectory. You can unlock silly new projectiles such as fish and unicorns as well as new bird-archers and fancy bows.

An Arena Mode will pit 2-4 players against each other, both locally and online. Arcade Mode lets players team up cooperatively and survive waves of enemies.

Oddbird won several awards for Arrow Heads during the first ever Level Up Showcase, which highlights students in game design in Canada. Arrow Heads won Best Overall Game and Artistic Achievement. Other awards include winning the 2016 ESAC Student Game Competition and semifinalist for the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Arrow Heads will be playable first at PAX West September 1-4. It will arrive on Windows PC (Steam) later that month on September 21 for $14.99. A console version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will arrive later in early 2018.


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