Since its launch last fall Civilization VI has been steadily adding new Civs in the form of paid DLC packs. Recently Firaxis added the Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack, as well as a free sizable patch they’re calling the Summer 2017 Update.

The Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack ($4.99) comes with the Nubia Civ as well as one new scenario.

Nubia is lead by Queen Amanitore, whose unique ability grants +20% Production bonus to all districts. That bonus increases to a whopping +40% if you’ve built a Nubian Pyramid, the Civ’s unique Improvement. The Nubian Pyramid provides +1 Faith and other bonuses depending on adjacency.

Nubia’s Unique trait is a flat 50% bonus to producing ranged units. Nubian ranged units also gain experience 50% faster. Mines on Strategic Resources give +1 Production while Mines on Bonus or Luxury resources grants +2 Gold.

With a focus on ranged units it’s no surprise that the Nubian unique unit is the Pitati Archer. It replaces the early game Archer and has +1 Movement.

The Gifts of the Nile Scenario pits Egypt and Nubia against each other in the ancient fertile lands along the Nile River. The first player to create seven Temples in the 125-turn limit wins.

The Summer 2017 Update patch added a number of balance changes and quality of life improvements. A major requested feature was also added – a restart button. Restarting will allow you to regenerate a new randomized map but keep all your game settings. The patch also adds the ability to save your favorite game settings to quickly jump into future games.

Balance changes include cheaper Aqueducts, Sewers, and Spies. UI improvements help make selecting trade routes less tedious, and better notifications for when cities can bombard nearby enemies.

The AI has also been a point of contention for most Civ fans with Civilization VI. The patch seeks to further improve and fine tune the AI, particularly with air attacks and end-game aggression.

The Summer 2017 Update and The Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack are available now.

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