Indie studio (and two-brother-team) Soda Den is bringing Roots of Pacha to Xbox One and Series X/W on July 31, alongside the big 1.2 update for all platforms.

Roots of Pacha is a farm and life sim set in the early days of human history. Grow your clan and expand your village, explore and forage in the wilderness, design new tools, craft art, and domesticate wild beasts in a primitive world.

The 1.2 update adds new phases to the clan’s youth, including a school age where young people can learn skills and develop their personalities in the new School building. Players can set down new Learning Stations around the farm, where schoolchildren will water and harvest crops.

Children may be the future, but they need to chip in now!

The update also expands romance options, deepens Pachan customization, and includes exotic mount options — including mammoths! Every animal has a friendship bar that you’ll need to progress in order to unlock perks, such as fetching items, or mounting.

Roots of Pacha supports co-op multiplayer, and Xbox players will enjoy crossplay with all other platforms.

“Beyond rebalancing many in-game features, Version 1.2 dramatically expands and improves the game for everyone from our long-time players to our new audience on Xbox,” said Timothy Dadone Nasello, Co-Founder, Soda Den.

Roots of Pacha released last year on Steam, PlayStation, and Switch. It’s coming to Xbox on July 31.

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