PM Studios and Pathea Games have announced the release date for My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to farming and life sim My Time at Portia. My Time at Sandrock will launch on September 26 on PC, PlayStation 5, Switch, and Xbox consoles.

The PS4 version has been slightly delayed until later this year.

My Time at Sandrock is a 3D, third-person adventure and life sim, set in a western-themed, post apocalyptic world. Your character is tasked with rebuilding the community by farming and building, as well as battling monsters and befriending (and occasionally romancing) fellow townsfolk.

The town features over 30 NPCs, each with their own backstories and side quests. Outside, players can explore the open world to gather resources, find treasures, discover secrets, and battle monsters using melee and firearms.

The game will support cooperative multiplayer, though not quite at launch. Co-op will first arrive on the PC version of the game, then on consoles as a free update later this year.

My Time at Sandrock has previously been available on PC via Steam Early Access, with a user rating of Very Positive. As a token of thanks, all Early Access players will receive an exclusive in-game item. Details on how to claim this item will be explained in a future update.

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