During the Summer Game Fest showcase, Guerilla Games and Studio Gobo announced LEGO Horizon Adventures, a LEGO spin-off of the Horizon series. It’s releasing later this Holiday season on PC, Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Watch the cute, LEGO-fied trailer above.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is based on the best-selling Horizon action-adventure games, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Horizon Forbidden West. The series stars Aloy, a young warrior with a mysterious past, and a future world where human civilization fell to robot armies.

The world is now populated by tribal humans and advanced, self-sustaining robotic dinosaurs and beasts. Aloy works to uncover mysteries, divert more apocalypses, and survive a dangerous world.

This LEGO-fied version looks a lot cheerier, with tone and theme more akin to classic LEGO adventure games with light-hearted jokes and humor. In addition to adventure and robot-dino battles, Aloy and friends can build and customize the village of Mother’s Heart, and unlock new LEGO buildings and outfits to wear.

Also like older LEGO games, LEGO Horizon Adventures is built with two player co-op in mind, locally and online. LEGO Horizon has been “designed for two-player action without the need for split-screen.”

LEGO Horizon Adventures has not yet been rated by the ESRB. Although the Horizon series is rated T for Teen, LEGO games are almost universally E10+.

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