The Nikki series is about to get a whole lot bigger. Infold Games (a division of Papergames) announced Infinity Nikki is coming to PlayStation, with a best test coming to PS5 later this year. It’s also launching on PC and mobile devices.

The Nikki series plays like anime dress-up, and has been around for over a decade on mobile. Infinity Nikki is the fifth game in the series, and the first to expand onto PlayStation 5 with a fully open world.

Nikki and her friend Momo arrive in an alternate Miraland, where they explore different nations and culture, and their outfits.

In the world of Miraland, fashion isn’t just, well, fashionable. Styles also bestow magical powers. By swapping outfits, Nikki can gain different abilities, such as floating over obstacles, summoning flowers, shrinking, or blasting magical orbs. Challenging levels will feature multiple puzzles and obstacles, requiring several outfits and abilities to complete.

Nikki can also the quieter side of Miraland, using outfits to fish, catch bugs, or gather materials. Materials can be used to craft different outfits, making crafting an integral part of the gameplay.

And it wouldn’t be a good dress-up game without a camera. Like an Instagram star, Nikki is constantly joined by her feline companion Momo, who dutifully wields the camera, always ready to snap pictures.

Infinity Nikki has not yet been rated by the ESRB. The previous game in the series, Shining Nikki, is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, and rated T for Teen.

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