If you’re a Monster Hunter fan, you’re already super excited for Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom’s next game in the action series. During the most recent PlayStation State of Play showcase, Capcom revealed the first gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds.

The trailer includes juicy new info, such as the new Seikrets mount, and the ability to swamp between two weapons mid-hunt!

Monster Hunter Wilds takes place in the Forbidden Lands. In a series-first, the fully voiced player hunter ventures into these unknown lands as part of a Research Commission team.

The Forbidden Lands features multiple biomes, including the Windward Plains, a desert and grasslands area showcased in the trailer. Also showcased are two large monsters native to the area, the fanged Doshaguma and the amphibious Chatacabra.

To quickly traverse the large area, hunters can use the new Seikrets mount, which resembles a feathery, bipedial dinosaur. In another series first, hunters can attack, sharpen their weapons, gather materials, and use the new hook slinger too, all while riding.

In one of the biggest new changes, hunters can also swap between two different weapon sets using their Seikrets’ storage. Monster Hunter Wilds features all 14 weapon sets from previous Monster Hunter games, with each weapon getting new actions.

As a bonus to series veterans, players with save data from Monster Hunter: World (as well as the Iceborne expansion) will receive bonus items for their Felyne companion.

Monster Hunter Wilds isn’t due out until 2025, but I’m ready to start the hype train right now. It’s coming to PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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