NorthStar Game Studio (formerly North Star Games) announced the next game in the Evolution series. It’s called Nature, and it’s coming to Kickstarter in September, with a tentative release date of 2025.

Nature is a more modular version of Evolution. Evolution is the science-based strategy card game from 2014 where players create, evolve, and expand unique species to score the most points.

“Nature combines lessons from my days as a pro-Magic player and everything I’ve learned from 12 years as lead designer of the award-winning Evolution series,” writes designer Dominic Crapuchettes. “It’s an interactive strategy game that manages to be gentle despite the player interaction.”

In Nature, players adapt species with different sizes and traits into a shared ecosystem. Species must thrive, eat, reproduce, and avoid becoming food themselves. Nature started as another expansion for Evolution, but grew into its own game that’s better balanced, less aggressive, and entirely modular.

The core game is simple, and takes about 45 minutes to play. Players can choose to add modular expansions to increase the complexity, mechanics, and card combinations.

At launch, Nature will feature five modules: Arctic Tundra, Flight, Jurassic, Natural Disasters, and Rainforest. Each modular expansion has its own cards and themes. The Jurassic module is far more aggressive, more akin to a fighting game with direct conflict. Natural Disasters creates a chaotic environment, while Rainforest adds bluffing, mystery, and deduction.

Nature is designed as an ever-expanding game, like a collectible card game or living card game. NorthStar Game Studio will release one or two new modules each year “for the next decade.” They’ve already announced Climate and Disease as the first post-launch modules, launching in 2026.

The tabletop game is available to play now in digital format via Tabletop Simulator on Steam, as well as a beta/demo version through iOS, Android, and Steam PC.

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