KingsIsle Entertainment announced Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story, coming to Steam PC.

As you may guess, the MMO-developer is making a spin-off of their popular, long-running, kid-friendly MMORPG Wizard101.

But Ravenwood Academy is entirely single player.

Ravenwood Academy is a prequel adventure set in the wizard school of the Wizard101 universe. The prequel is part life sim and part visual novel. Like the Persona series, players organize their day into building relationships, attending classes, and completing minigame activities around campus.

By making friends and growing relationships, players can unlock new scenes, including frenemies, rivalries, and even romance.

Incidents and events will pop up throughout the story, encouraging players to investigate mysteries and interrogate witnesses. Multiple endings branch from choices made during these pivotal situations, as well as important connections between friends and enemies. As a prequel, players will witness the beginnings of the magic school, meet familiar faces, and learn more lore about the Spiral world.

Ravenwood Academy is the first single player release from KingsIsle. Wizard101 is nearly as old as World of Warcraft, having originally released back in 2008. The card-based, kid-friendly MMO is still active today with a passionate fanbase, and it remains a go-to online game for younger gamers. Wizard101 is free-to-play with microtransactions to unlock additional content, or a subscription model to unlock everything.

KingsIsle also released a re-themed spin-off, Pirate101, in 2012.

Release date and pricing for Ravenwood Academy has not yet been announced, but it does have its own social media presence.

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