Arc Games (formerly Gearbox Publishing) and developer Abstraction Games prove you can’t keep a good MOBA down. Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a new edition of the 2017 shooter-MOBA, and it’s available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox ($19.99). It’s currently on sale with a launch discount of 20% off ($15.99) through April 16.

While the original release was free-to-play (and supported by microtransactions), the Rampage Edition does away with all that. Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a premium title with free updates. All content is unlocked through gameplay and earning in-game currency.

Many games start out premium and move to free-to-play. It’s interesting to see a game do the opposite!

Gigantic is a 5v5 competitive multiplayer game that pits teams of fantastical creatures and heroes against one another. The roster includes over 20 heroes with varying playstyles and abilities, as well as several newcomers. The third-person action is similar to a hero shooter (a la Overwatch), while the focus on completing objectives and defeating a team’s guardian is more like a top-down MOBA.

The Rampage Edition also adds new maps, a new faster-paced game mode, and cross-platform play. An official ranked mode is coming soon, along with more hero skins.

“All of us at Abstraction Games are super excited for everyone to finally jump into Gigantic: Rampage Edition,” said Bart Vossen, Senior Game Designer, Abstraction Games. “Since the game’s announcement, we’ve been blown away by everyone’s excitement and the support they’ve given us for helping bring back Gigantic.

“We’ve been hard at work making the best version of Gigantic possible for both fans of the original and newcomers to the world of Gigantic, so the support we’ve received from fans really means the world to us. Whether you’re new to Gigantic or you’ve played thousands of matches in the original, we’re thrilled all players can jump in and see all of the new content and improvements we’ve worked on to create this definitive edition of Gigantic! I hope to see you on the airship!”

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is rated T for Teen.

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