Indie UK game developer Inkle Studios (Heaven’s Vault) has released narrative platforming adventure A Highland Song on PC and Switch ($17.99), with a 10% launch discount through December 11.

A Highland Song, which was announced during the Nintendo Indie World showcase in November, is heavily influenced by Scottish lore and geography. It stars Moira, a young woman who needs to reach her Uncle’s lighthouse across the Scottish Highlands.

Moira must travel across rugged peaks, valleys, and crags. Through her journey she will shelter from storms and snow, discover map fragments with hidden paths, and learn the lost stories of the hills.

The 2.5D adventure features hand-drawn animation with painted scenery and dynamic lighting and weather.

The world and gameplay are intertwined with the soundtrack, composed by Laurence Chapman, along with tracks from Scottish folk bands TALSIK and Fourth Moon. The landscape forms around the music, and Moria can use rhythms to enhance her journey.

The soundtrack is available on Steam and all major streaming platforms.

A Highland Song is available now on PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone with alcohol references and mild language.

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