In the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Nintendo announced over a dozen indie games coming to Switch over the next year, including the long-lost sequel for the Shantae series, the underground Stardew-like Core Keeper, and the critically acclaimed spaceship adventure Outer Wilds.

One of 2019’s most memorable indie games, Outer Wilds is a unique open-world puzzle game that takes place among several planets trapped in time-stasis. It’s finally coming to Nintendo Switch with Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, releasing on December 7. This new edition includes the 2021 expansion, Echoes of the Eye.

Shantae: Risky Revolution is the now-finished sequel to the original pixelated platformer from back in 2002. Originally designed for the Game Boy Advance, WayForward has completed Risky Revolution with some modern enhancements, such as moving between the foreground and background layers, as well as a four-player versus mode.

Shantae: Risky Revolution will launch in 2024.

Published by Humble Games, On Your Tail is a charming-looking mystery-adventure, set in an anthropomorphic, seaside village. Enjoy the shops and activities of Borgo Marina while investigating a mysterious masked thief.

On Your Tail will launch as a timed exclusive on Switch in 2024.

A Highland Song is a narrative-platformer inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Moira needs to cross over mountains, valleys, and rivers as quickly as possible, using music and shortcuts to reach her destination.

A Highland Song is out December 5th.

Other interesting indies include visual novel and detective story Death Trick: Double Blind, 2D action-platformer Blade Chimera, and multiplayer underground farming sim Core Keeper, all of which are coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024.

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