Studio Wildcard has released ARK: Survival Ascended onto Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC ($44.99), with cross-platform multiplayer and PC modding support. The PlayStation version has been slightly delayed to early December.

Survival Ascended is a next-gen remake of 2014’s popular dino-themed survival-crafting game, Survival Evolved. Players land on an island mostly naked, and have to scavenge and forge supplies to create equipment, weapons, and houses. The island is full of dinosaurs, which can be tamed, battled, and sometimes domesticated.

The remake features rebuilt visuals thanks to Unreal Engine 5, as well as improved physics and building features, and a redesigned user interface.

It also supports cross-platform multiplayer with up to 70 players online, or up to four players in local splitscreen.

Players can download custom mods created by players (and larger studios) via a new dedicated in-game Mod browser, including new dinosaurs, weapons, and structures.

Survival Ascended is also available on Steam, and still in Early Access until the end of next year. The remake doesn’t yet include all the additional DLC islands and expansions that released over the years, but they are coming.

ARK: Survival Ascended is rated T for Teen.

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