Studio Wildcard announced that ARK: Survival Ascended is available now on PC via Steam Early Access, and launching later in November on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S (console version adapted by Grove Street Games).

Watch the new launch trailer above.

Survival Ascended is a next-gen remake of ARK: Survival Evolved, which originally launched back on Steam Early Access in 2015. The new Unreal Engine 5 uses Global Illumination, hand-crafted artwork, and advanced physics to create a big visual upgrade.

In addition to including all previously released DLC worlds and expansion packs, Survival Ascended also features cross-platform modding through an in-game mod browser, online support for up to 70 players, and cross-platform multiplayer. ARK can also support split screen local multiplayer for up to four players.

Not to mention lots of quality of life improvements, including new map and camera systems, improved user interface, creature pathfinding, a photo mode, and new creatures, structures, and items.

“ASA provides an evergreen adventure that re-energizes the classic-ARK experience, one that will continue to grow and leverages the latest tech advancements with UE5, as well as what we’ve been working on with the ARK Franchise as a whole,” expressed Jeremy Stieglitz, co-founder, Studio Wildcard. “With ARK 2’s direction as a Souls-like adventure, we realize our community still wants and loves the original ARK. ASA enables that original ARK experience to thrive in next-gen quality with continued developer support as well as the exciting growth from UGC creators.”

Expect a work in progress. According to the Steam page, ARK: Survival Ascended will remain in Early Access through the end of 2024. Currently only the original Island is available, with more worlds and expansions rolling out throughout Early Access.

ARK is rated T for Teen.

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