It’s a sobering birthday for dino-themed survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. This week marks the eighth anniversary of the game’s original launch via Steam Early Access, and Studio Wildcard is celebrating with the final update and final creature addition.

However, as a reminder, official multiplayer servers for Survival Evolved will be taken offline at the end of August, paving the way for the remaster, Ark: Survival Ascended. Players will still be able to host their own servers and play single player. But primary support will move to Survival Ascended, and soon, Ark 2.

The final update adds a monstrously huge insect called a Rhyniognatha. In addition to being a powerful combatant (that seemingly shoots lasers out of its butt), the Rhyniognatha can also help out with base-building by creating quick-hardening resin and carrying large objects around — including large dinosaurs!

Studio Wildcard also created a piece of art that includes every creature in the game (above). The team includes the following message on the official website:

From the very inception of Ark, we were amazed by the passionate and dedicated community that quickly formed around the game. Your enthusiasm, unwavering support, and invaluable feedback through thick and thin, and ups and downs, have played a pivotal role in shaping the Ark experience we know today.

We’d also like to acknowledge the exceptional talents that comprise our team, who pour their hearts and passion into every facet of their craft. It is their boundless creativity that has brought our game to life and fueled its continued evolution.

As we stand at the threshold of new horizons in the Ark universe, we fondly reflect on the journey we’ve shared over eight remarkable years. Rest assured though, the Ark adventure is far from over. Ark: Survival Ascended, Ark: The Animated Series, and Ark 2 await!

Ark 2 was recently delayed until at least the end of 2024. The Ark series is rated T for teen.

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