Nintendo has released side-scrolling co-op adventure Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Nintendo Switch ($59.99).

A new Mario game is always cause for celebration, and a new 2D Mario even more so. Wonder is the first 2D sidescrolling Mario game since 2012’s New Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U. That’s over 10 years!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder leaves the Mushroom Kingdom behind for the Flower Kingdom. But Bowser is up to his old tricks, and uses the Wonder Flower to spread chaos throughout the region. It’s up to Mario and friends to save the Flower Kingdom.

The Flower Kingdom is full of Wonder Flowers that cause major changes when touched, including tilting terrain, moving pipes, or transforming characters.

New power-ups found in the Flower Kingdom include the Elephant form, Drill form, and Bubble form. This is starting to sound like a Mega Man game!

By progressing through the game, players can earn badges that feature special abilities, including invisibility, wall-climbing, vine-shooting, or swim speed-bursting.

As with New Super Mario Bros. U, up to four players can adventure through each level together (with eight playable characters), either cooperatively or more competitively in a race. Solo players can still play online to see other players as shadows, and assist each other by bringing them back to life.

Note that Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for online play.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is rated E for Everyone. A new Mario-themed OLED Switch Model is also available ($349.99)

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