Strategy game developer Stardock is celebrating their 30th anniversary with the latest version of their bread and butter strategy series, Galactic Civilizations 4.

Galactic Civilizations 4: Supernova Edition is a new, updated version of last year’s 4x strategy game release, adding new content and features.

The biggest new feature is AlienGPT, a play on ChatGPT. AlienGPT uses AI technology (and Stardock’s “own art portfolio”) to generate entire alien civilizations, including background, lore, events, and interactions.

Other new features include end-game tech called Terror Stars, improved tutorial and AI, new civilizations, and a new mission system. Modding and multiplayer functionality has also been improved, including adding cooperative multiplayer. Players can also upload their own factions and starships using the newly integrated modding system.

“This is, by far, the biggest game release we’ve ever done,” said Brad Wardell, founder and CEO, Stardock. “We’ve been so fortunate to be able work with our fans to create something that we think strategy game players are going to really appreciate. With the community, we’ve taken a top to bottom look at how strategy games in 2023 should play and made dramatic improvements as a result. In the past couple of years, the ability to collaborate online has really changed, which has fundamentally altered the way we make games, and the end results are clearly on display in Supernova.”

Galactic Civilizations 4: Supernova Edition is available on Steam and Epic Games Store on PC ($49.99). It has not been rated by the ESRB.

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