Sea of Thieves Season 10 has begun, launching with one of the biggest new features for the multiplayer pirate ’em up: guilds.

Building on Season Seven’s Captaincy, up to 24 players can form or join a Guild. Players can join up to three Guilds at the same time.

Guilds can customize their own logo and branding, and Guild members can contribute to Guild Reputation to level up their Guild. Guilds members can earn special clothing, plaques, and reputation cards.

Once they’ve achieved a certain level of reputation, Guild members can opt to become Guild Emissaries. Emissaries gain additional rewards for additional risks during missions.

Ships can also be flagged as sharable by the entire Guild, and can make progress via Ship Milestones.

A new Season also brings another Battle Pass, er, Plunder Pass, with 100 tiers of cosmetic items to unlock, including the top-tier Stormfish Chaser ship set and clothing.

Other improvements and updates include persistent player inventory, customizable rowboats, and improved hit detection for melee combat.

Forthcoming updates include the Skull of Siren Song Voyages, a server-wide race for treasure in November, and coming in December, the Safer Seas update which adds a separate mode with more improved onboarding, non-pvp world, and safer difficulty with more limited or capped rewards.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC (Steam, Microsoft) and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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