Square Enix has announced that retro-inspired JRPG sequel Octopath Traveler 2 will launch on Xbox (and Windows PC) in early 2024.

Octopath Traveler 2 released earlier this year on Steam, PlayStation, and Switch consoles.

The sequel introduces new characters and an all-new story in the world of Solistia, while retaining the popular HD-2D blended graphics and old school, 16-bit RPG gameplay.

As in the first game, players can choose to play eight different characters in any order. Each protagonist has their own storyline, quests, and abilities. The travelers include a merchant, a dancer, a hunter, and a thief. The various stories intertwine as they work against an evil cult called the Moonshade Order.

New to the sequel are distinct day and night settings, which alter the abilities and options of each character.

Octopath Traveler 2 is currently available via Steam PC, PlayStation, and Switch, including a free three hour demo. The RPG is rated T for Teen for fantasy violence, mild blood, suggestive themes, mild language, and alcohol and tobacco use.

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