Days of Wonder, Asmodee Entertainment, Twin Sails Interactive, and Marmalade Game Studio are remaking the Ticket to Ride video game. The new design will release on Steam PC this November, with console and mobile platforms to follow in 2024.

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular board games of the last two decades. Playing on a map of the USA (or whatever version of the game you’re playing), players take turns collecting color train cards and route cards in order to place their trains along routes and score points.

The original video game adaptation has been around since 2008 (I remember playing it on the Xbox 360!), and could use a facelift.

The current version will be rebranded as Ticket to Ride: Classic Edition. But the game will be fully removed from the PC and mobile stores on October 3rd, with console editions getting removed in April 2024, to make room for the new version.

Note that although it’s being removed, you’ll still have access to the game in your library (plus any purchased DLC) if you already own it.

The press release is vague, but the new version promises “new features, a fresh design, and enhanced gameplay.”

“Ticket to Ride is the first collaboration between Asmodee Entertainment and Marmalade Game Studio. Given our track record in the board game genre of video games and Asmodee Group impeccably curated portfolio of fan favorite games, this is set to be the start of a very exciting journey.” Said Mike Willis, co-CEO, Marmalade Game Studio, “Having played the board game for two decades now, we are honored to be trusted with its digital implementation. We are building a modern game that we hope will be the bedrock of this fantastic brand in the digital space.”

The new Ticket to Ride will arrive this November on PC. Other consoles have not yet been confirmed.

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