Capcom and Niantic have released Monster Hunter Now, a free-to-play AR-powered mobile game, on iOS and Android devices.

Monster Hunter Now combines classic Monster Hunter boss-fight combat with Niantic’s augmented reality, location-based structure (a la Niantic’s breadwinning mobile game, Pokémon Go).

Players take on the role of a customizable hunter, as they battle increasingly challenging monsters around their neighborhood and town. By going on hunts and defeating monsters, players can earn monster parts to upgrade their gear, and increase their hunter rank to take on deadlier threats.

Combat has been rebuilt with touch-screen controls, including rapid combos and swipe-dodges. The AR camera can be utilized to place the monster in the real world while you battle them.

By turning on Adventure Sync, paintballs can be used to track monsters while traveling, allowing you to take them on whenever you get the chance.

Hunts can be tackled solo or with a group of up to four nearby hunters. Friends can form parties and hunt together.

“Monster Hunter Now is the perfect combination of Niantic’s philosophy of exploring the world and the sheer fun of hunting and battling monsters together,” says Kei Kawai, chief product officer, Niantic “Designed with the mobile experience in mind, the game is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. We hope it honors this storied game franchise and delights fans for years to come.”

Monster Hunter Now is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s rated T for Teen.

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