During the PlayStation Showcase, Sony revealed a competitive multiplayer shooter that looks extremely similar to Nintendo’s Splatoon series. But in Foamstars you’re not firing paint, you’re shooting foamy bubbles.

Foamstars is a four vs four online shooter, where all the weapons fire foam. Foam has multiple uses, such as creating slippery surfaces, create new and higher terrain, and defeat opponents. And just like Splatoon, players can zoom around on their newly created surface.

Splatoon has been a megahit for Nintendo, one of their most successful original IPs in recent years, transforming the competitive shooter genre into a kid-friendly spectacle.

Unlike Splatoon, Foamstars takes a more realistic approach to character design and worldbuilding. Instead of transforming into squids, the characters simply surf through foam on surfboards.

The reveal trailer teases lots of special powers and moves, and characters appear much more unique than in Splatoon. This may be a nod to hero shooters such as Overwatch, with different characters having different weapons and playstyles. Or perhaps they are simply different weapons and loadouts that every character can use.

Nothing else has been revealed about the game yet, other than it’s going to be a PlayStation exclusive, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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