Probably, no fan of video games will argue with the fact that racing on PCs and game consoles gives a lot of emotions and experiences during the passage of the plot or online games. We believe that any fan of the racing genre should familiarize himself with our list of top games, it is also suitable for those who just want to chase and cheer up with bright locations by spending them in the virtual driver’s seat. In recent years, developers are increasingly pleased with interesting projects – now you can forget about the times of boring and faceless Need for Speed series, since now the player selects races to his liking.

1. Forza Horizon 5

The fifth part of the already great Forza Horizon series was released in the fall of 2021 – since then it has not lost its leading position in the genre of racing. Of course, Sony is not available for console users, since it is designed only for Xbox and PC, but if you really want to, you can try playing it in gaming halls. Forza Horizon is really as good as it is written about in reviews and reviews. Of the new in the last part, it is obviously worth noting the location – the place of action has moved to Mexico (the map is 50% larger than in the fourth series, where the plot took place in the UK), great examples of automotive history are available to users. Is it possible to find a more exciting bundle (graphics and a selection of cars) to immerse yourself in a video game without looking up from the screen? Developers from Playground Games, in addition to the familiar passage of the plot, have added a cooperative campaign, stunt jumps, endurance testing in different speed modes and much more. The first must-play game on our list.

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2. DiRT Rally 2.0

If the last part of Forza Horizon can be called a game for everyone, then DiRT Rally habitually releases games for a long-gathered audience of rally fans. Interestingly, long-time fans of the series still found DiRT Rally 2.0 too simple for hardcore fans. And yet, this video game has gathered preferences for players of any level. Incredible graphics and wonderful gameplay are complemented by sophisticated physics. Every extra addition of gas must be thought out in DiRT Rally 2.0 in advance, as you risk flying off the track. In the last game of the series, Codemasters developers did not offend fans by adding Opel, Citroen and Skoda models that have already become classic for rally cars in the selection of cars – they also worked on the little things here properly. DiRT Rally 2.0 is not a game for just a layman, but if you get into it, you can disappear for a few hours.


3. Project Cars 2

The third game on our list, in fact, combines the strengths of its two predecessors, although it does not receive much attention from the racing audience. Everything is clear here: unlike Project Cars, Forza Horizon and DiRT have a large audience that has accumulated over the years. As for the game from Slightly Mad Studios, it is only gaining momentum. For gamers who want to try themselves in racing, there is a low entry threshold, as the gameplay is easy and pleasant, and the choice of a car will also add emotions. In Project Cars 2, you can ride both off–road and professional tracks – the graphics are at a high level everywhere. The purchase price of the game is also pleasant, since it was released almost 3 years ago – you will pay an adequate price for a great racing game.

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