Indie New Zealand studio Dry Cactus has announced that Poly Bridge 3 is out now for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) on Steam, for $19.99.

Like its predecessors, Poly Bridge 3 is all about building structurally sound bridges, using real-world pieces and physics.

The campaign features over 100 progressively challenging levels. After unlocking two-star worlds, the campaign opens up into multiple worlds and biomes. Or go crazy in Sandbox mode, with zero building restrictions.

Players can generate and upload their own content, including custom vehicles, boats, planes, and other shapes and decorations. New features include restricted build zones, pre-built materials, and for extra-strong support, foundation for bridges.

Poly Bridge 3 will also include weekly challenges with leaderboards, as well as Twitch integration. The Twitch extension allows viewers to suggest and modify bridge designs and test them out, to see if they can really put their money where the mouth is.

The Poly Bridge series has not been rated by the ESRB, but contains no violence or questionable content. Just physics at work! It’s available now on PC. Poly Bridge 2 was ported to mobile devices a few months after launch, and hopefully Poly Bridge 3 won’t be far behind.

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