After launching last year on PC (Steam Early Access) and mobile as free-to-play, 505 Games and developer Infinity Plus Two is releasing Puzzle Quest 3 on consoles next month. Puzzle Quest 3 will release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 18.

Puzzle Quest 3 is set 500 years after the first game, and features new 3D graphics. The core gameplay is still a (now quaint) Match-3 puzzle combined with some light RPG skills and hero classes.

The Puzzle Quest series began on Nintendo DS in 2007. It’s smartly clever puzze-RPG mash-up spawned several spin-offs and sequels over the next decade. A remaster of the original game, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns, released on Switch in 2019.

Puzzle Quest 3 adds two new hero classes, new adventure mode, bigger puzzle board, and seasonal updates.

“We’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback and continued support from our Puzzle Quest 3 players on Steam Early Access and mobile platforms. We are excited to continue our expansion onto Xbox and PlayStation console platforms, extending the PQ3 experience even further,” said Steve Fawkner, CEO, Infinity Plus Two. “Fan feedback has been invaluable to us, especially in our first year in the market. The team has worked hard on the roadmap, introducing new features, continuous updates and delivering on a wholly unique game experience while staying true to the classic puzzle combat roots that Puzzle Quest is known for. We’re very proud of where the game is today and are excited to celebrate the launch in April by giving away a special high-value gift to all players across all platforms when they login.”

Puzzle Quest 3 is rated E10+.

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