Puzzle Quest is back, in Switch form! Publisher D3 Go! and developer Infinity Plus 2 have announced an expanded remaster of the original Match-3 puzzle-RPG series with Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns. It’s coming exclusively to the Nintendo eShop on Sept. 19. Pre-orders are available now.

The Legend Returns will include new content on top of remastered versions of the original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion. New content includes 100 new quests, including branching quests with player choices, expanded story and lore, and five new classes with the blood mage, priest, monk, paladin, and elementalist.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords originally launched on the Nintendo DS in 2007, cleverly combining Match-3 puzzle battles with RPG skills, progression, and story. The popular and beloved game was later ported to PC, mobile, and consoles. It also spawned a sci-fi spinoff with Puzzle Quest Galactrix (2009) and a direct sequel in Puzzle Quest 2 (2010), though the series has been mostly dormant until now.

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns is rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence.

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