Puzzle Quest 3 was originally announced with a vague 2021 release, which was obviously delayed. Publisher 505 Games has announced a new release date for the free-to-play threequel: March 1, on PC (Steam Early Access), and Android and iOS mobile devices.

This year also marks the series’ 15th year anniversary.

Puzzle Quest 3 takes place 500 years after the original game. The fantasy world of Etheria is under attack, and a group of heroes must fight back — by matching lots of gems to unleash attacks and spells.

Players can choose between five different classes, each with their own abilities and equipment: paladin, berzerker, shaman, necromancer, and assassin. The series is known for combining classic match-3 puzzle gameplay with RPG progression, loot, and story. Puzzle Quest 3 will also offer player versus player matches.

That’s the good news, the bad news is this new game is free-to-play, and the art style looks like every other free-to-play fantasy mobile game. As a fan of the first two games, I certainly want Puzzle Quest 3 to be good, but I’m tempering my expectations.

“Over a decade ago, we introduced Puzzle Quest to gamers, innovating a new puzzle-RPG hybrid genre, and created a franchise that is still going strong today with millions of players globally,” said Steve Fawkner, CEO and Creative Lead, Infinity Plus Two. “I am thrilled for the opportunity to finally continue the series and globally debut Puzzle Quest 3 this coming March. We have a big roadmap ahead with some big surprises that I’m sure will excite fans, both old and new.”

Puzzle Quest 3 is rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence.

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