Square Enix has released Dragon Quest Treasures exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Treasures is a spin-off and a prequel of Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age. The story follows Erik, one of the main party members of DQ11, and his sister Mia during their younger adventuring days. Players are able to play as either sibling during their adventures.

Unlike the main series of traditional RPGs, Treasures is more of an action-RPG with Pokémon-like monster collecting and battling (also like the Dragon Quest Monsters series). Players can use monsters abilities to get around the world and reach new areas, such as bouncing on slimes.

During combat, your monster allies will unleash the full force of their abilities on their own. Erik and Mia can support them with their daggers and slingshot, which can be loaded with elemental or healing ammo.

Players can expand their home base by collecting treasures, and increasing their roster of allied monsters.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available in standard and Deluxe editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes three monster allies: great sabrecat, ruby golem, and icy dragling, along with 25 Bestest Buddy Bullets and 25 Omniheal Bombs.

Dragon Quest Treasures is rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Alcohol Use, and Crude Humor.

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