Sega and Amplitude Studios have released the first major expansion for 4x strategy game, Humankind. The Together We Rule expansion ($19.99) will add new diplomacy and espionage elements, as well as six new cultures to play as.

Together We Rule adds the following new cultures, one for each of the game’s six eras:

  • Sumerians
  • Han Chinese
  • Bulgarians
  • Swiss
  • Scots
  • Singaporeans

Each of the new cultures focuses on the new Diplomatic Affinity. The special ability can demilitiarize any territory for 10 turns. The passive ability allows their units to collect Leverage, which can be collected by Agents, a new unit added in the expansion.

Agents can track armies, siphon resources, disable districts, and generate influence. Agents begin as envoys in the ancient era. Spies are available beginning in the medieval era, gaining helpful subterfuge abilities. The more powerful spymasters unlock in the early modern era, and are capable of undermining armies or even creating decoy armies.

The expansion also adds the new Embassy quarter, and the Congress of Humankind. Embassies use Leverage to force empires to take specific actions during diplomacy. The Congress of Humankind is an inter-empire forum, allowing players to vote on global doctrines and international conflicts.

The expansion is launching alongside another free update. Called the “Metternich” update, the patch adds new stealth mechanics, revamps independent people, and improves the UI. Full patch notes can be found here.

Humankind is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Gamepass for PC). The expansion is available with a 10% discount until November 16. It’s rated E10+.

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