The Fortnitemares 2022 event has officially kicked off in Fortnite, allowing players to transform into empowered werewolves and complete special quests for unique rewards.

At the Reality Tree, DJ Lyka introduces the Alteration Altars. These altars are scattered throughout the island. By stepping on one and performing the unique Ritual Emote, you’ll be given the Howler Claws item, transforming you into a canine lycanthrope.

The Howler Claws unlock two powerful abilities: Wolfscent and Slash. Wolfscent highlights enemies in a nearby radius for a limited time. Slash opens up a four-hit combo attack, and can be used in the air to damage enemies upon landing.

You’ll want to do a lot of transforming and werewolf-ing to complete the Fortnitemare Quests. Complete the quests to earn XP and unique items. Two quests will unlock each day over the next 14 days.

By completing five quests you will unlock the Everything’s End Glider. Thirteen quests will net you the Chrome Cage Back Bling, and by completing 25 quests you’ll unlock the Unmaker Pickaxe.

The seasonal Limited Time Mode is Horde Rush with a twist — it’s Zero Build Horde Rush. Survive hordes of enemies, earn combos, and defeat bosses without building any defenses. Zero Build Horde Rush will actually stick around longer than Fortnitemares, lasting through November 15.

Two new outfits are available in the Items Shop: Sinister Glare and Undying Sorrow. These outfits were partially designed by the winners of a design contest last spring.

Fortnitemares 2022 ends November 1. Fortnite is available on PC, mobile (Android, iOS), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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