Nintendo unveiled a Splatoon 3 Direct full of details and information on the upcoming threequel. Splatoon 3 is launching on September 9 on Switch.

Splatoon 3 will feature three game modes. Turf War is the standard 4v4 team battle. The video showed off new special weapons, such as the Tacticooler that spawns stat-boosting pick-ups, and the sonic waves of the Wave Breaker. New main weapons include the omni-directional Tri-Stringer and the sword-like Splatana Wiper. All weapons from previous Splatoon games will be available right from the start.

New techniques include the wall-jumping Squid Surge and the acrobatic Squid Roll.

Turf War will feature 12 stages at launch, which includes returning stages such as Hammerhead Bridge, as well as new stages, like Hagglefish Market.

Splatfests return, with players voting on teams and themes — this time with three themes. The second half will mix things up, splitting up the losing team into two teams of two, for a 4v2v2 match.

A new spin-off competitive mode, Tableturf Battle Dojo, transforms the battle into a turn-based card game involving a grid map of ink.

The single-player campaign is called Return of the Mamalians. You’ll play as Agent 3, a new recruit of the Squidbreak Splatoon as you battle through stages full of enemies and stages. It’s billed as the finale to the story against the Octarians, and a good way to test out weapons.

The third mode is Salmon Run, returning from Splatoon 2. Up to four players survive against waves of enemies, including a new gigantic King Salmonid named Cohozuna.

Splatoon 3 will also feature a connected app (SplatNet 3) for mobile devices, new amiibo, and a demo releasing ahead of launch. The Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere Demo takes place on August 27. Anyone with a Switch can download and play the free demo from the eShop beginning August 18. The Splatfest features the new Tricolor Turf War Battle.

The demo will partially unlock on August 25, with the Splatfest kicking off on August 27 at 9am Pacific/12 pm Eastern, and lasting for 12 hours.

Splatoon 3 will launch September 9. It’s rated E10+ with Cartoon Violence.

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