Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is getting its first title update on August 10. The update adds four monsters from series past, as well as expanding the new Anomaly Quest system.

The returning monsters are all rare and more powerful variants of existing monsters:

  • Lucent Nargacuga – a white-furred Nargacuga last seen in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Fast, deadly, and nearly invisible.
  • Seething Bazelgeuse – an even more explosive version of Bazelgeuse, that jerk that always shows up to literally crash other hunts.
  • Gold Rathalos – a more ferocious variant of Rathalos that can yield new monster materials.
  • Silver Rathalos – same as above, but silver!

Title Update 1 also adds new 5-star rated Anomaly Quests, featuring more challenging monsters such as Lunagaron and Magma Almudron.

New randomized anomalies, called Anomaly Investigations, have also been added. These quests feature random monster targets, locations, and number of hunters. As the challenge progresses, better rewards can be earned. Investigations also offer new materials to customize their equipment, and gain special items from the Anomaly Research Lab.

Weekly Event Quests will begin rolling out beginning next week on August 18, and Title Update 2 is coming in September.

Monster Hunter Rise, and the Sunbreak expansion, are available on Nintendo Switch. It’s rated T for Teen.

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