We can finally live out our vampire vs werewolf Underworld fantasies in The Sims 4! Electronic Arts and Maxis released the Werewolves game pack for The Sims 4. It’s available now on PC and Mac (Origin, Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, for $19.99.

Werewolves adds the mysterious, forested town of Moonwood Mill. As in the Vampires game pack, your Sim can create their own origin story for how they became a werewolf, such as being bitten, or born into a werewolf family.

Werewolves have both human and wolf-hybrid forms, and can transform between them. The wolf forms are completely customizable, including body type, clothes, and facial features. Werewolves have specific life events, and build Fury whenever they engage in their animalistic tendencies. Hitting maximum Fury causes your werewolf to go on a rampage of destruction.

Moonwood Mill is home to lots of information and secrets about werewolves, as well as two wolf clans. The Moonwood Collective is the older, more traditional, and more responsible clan. While the Wildfangs are a younger, punkier group of rebels. As a new werewolf you’ll be able to join either one, obeying their rules and progressing up the ranks toward becoming the new leader.

The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen.

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